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!! OMG, leaked: Britney’s ‘Hold It Against Me’ !!

Britney told us to hang on till Tuesday, but thanks to the dear ol’ Internet, her new single, Hold It Against Me, hit YouTube a day early. Sony is scrambling to block the leaked track, so who knows if this video will work in five minutes…but until then, have at it. And you know what? Britney doesn’t sound a bit like Ke$ha.

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    WOW, Britney.. WOW. I LOVE this song. I think she has a massive hit on her hands. Major props for this. Really stoked for her album..

    This song is hawt! I can’t wait to hit the Club this friday to hear it come out the sound system banging hard!!!
    Britney’s actually not using Autotune, she’s back in her Raw Form! Now if you haven’t heard she’s been practicing the dancing with the fella who did the dancing for Slave 4 U and Toxic! She’s been practicing for over a month for the new video lawd i can’t wait!

    I am so obsessed w/ this song. I found it online this morning, downloaded it, and including hearing it on the radio, I have lost count of how many times I have heard it today

    Thats right 🙂 Loved it…and it isnt a kesha track.

    Not bad, enjoyed the expansive electro at the end.

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