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!! OMG, lost my appetite: Deep-dish pizzapits !!

Perusing Craigslist personal ads in the depths of your boredom is a lot like slowing down when you pass a car wreck — you welcome the reminder that, all things considered, you’re actually doing ok. At least you aren’t tangled up in a fender-bender or, say, looking for love in emotionally vacant places.
But then there are those posts that are ten-car pileups, like this one. You don’t gawk because it says something about you. That shit is just crazy. Pizzapits? PIZZAPITS?! No, Papa John, keep your pepperoni away from me.

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    Oh no. I don’t like this AT ALL.

    All I can think is I hope they let the pizza cool down first.

    that just ruined pizza, and sex for me. permanently.

    Shoot. There goes having pizza for dinner. My appetite is ruined now.

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