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!! OMG, lost my appetite: Deep-dish pizzapits !!

Perusing Craigslist personal ads in the depths of your boredom is a lot like slowing down when you pass a car wreck — you welcome the reminder that, all things considered, you’re actually doing ok. At least you aren’t tangled up in a fender-bender or, say, looking for love in emotionally vacant places.
But then there are those posts that are ten-car pileups, like this one. You don’t gawk because it says something about you. That shit is just crazy. Pizzapits? PIZZAPITS?! No, Papa John, keep your pepperoni away from me.




    Shoot. There goes having pizza for dinner. My appetite is ruined now.

    that just ruined pizza, and sex for me. permanently.

    All I can think is I hope they let the pizza cool down first.

    Oh no. I don’t like this AT ALL.

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