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!! OMG, she ‘wasn’t ready’: Madonna !!

President of Millenium Records Jimmy Ienner declined to signed an up and coming artist named “Madonna” in 1981. Read his polite rejection letter above. (via AnOther)
After the jump, watch Madonna’s premiere performance of “Everybody” at Danceteria in 1983 and tell us if you think Mr. Ienner was in the right!

(Thanks to Margot for the video tip!)

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    Hey TJ, straight people love her too. Call her whatever you want, she still is famous.

    She was awful then and still is! Not ALL the gays love this worn out untalented trash!

    This guy is a moron, I say that because in his letter he is stating that she is good and could go far, but he still rejects her? Stupid

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