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!! OMG, a shirtless dancing tribute: Kylie’s ‘Get Outta My Way’ !!

Even if you don’t win the pair of tickets to Kylie‘s Aphrodite tour stop in Montreal, you can still delight in her music with this tribute video — which is basically the same thing, because you know that tour will be ripe with half-naked hunks.

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    ugh….real mean have chest hair


    There is a fine line between a go-go boy and a drag queen.

    That’s a hot tribute.

    This is awesome. According to another blog, these are all actors of gay porn site Randy Blue (Travis James, Diego Sans, Chip Tanner, Reese Rideout, Nicco Sky, Riley Price, Dallas Evans, Cayden Ross).
    Very well done! I definitely recognized a few of them 😉

    They are gay porn stars from Randy Blue!!


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