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!! OMG, dear Christina: This is how it’s done !!

Ahem. If you’re going to be a pop diva who sings the national anthem in front of millions of people, this how it’s done. *But don’t take away other lessons from Whitney, because crack is indeed whack.

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    Regardless of whether it was lip synched, she still mouthed the words correctly to the song – which means that she did not forget the lyrics.

    hate to be the one to break it to you nay sayers, but Miss Whitney did a pitch perfect, indeed live, performance of the song soon after the super bowl. Look up her Welcome Home Concert. It was just as amazing as the super bowl, in fact the whole concert was OMG ridunkolously AMAZING

    Whitney was awesome, but it’s common knowledge she pre-recorded her version and lip-synched it, while Christina was 100% live (all too obvious when she sang parts out of sequence.)

    Let’s remember that she lip-synced it. Her vocals were pre-recorded.

    Let’s remember that she lip-synced it. This was pre-recorded.

    Whitney mimed to prerecorded track – Christina flubbed one line but sang it live. Give it up to Christina for that at least.

    maybe xtina should have lip-synched just like whitney did here

    So you’re saying she should have had a pre-recorded track like Whitney instead of singing it live? O_o

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