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!! OMG, haute sex: Chanel condoms !!


When brainstorming the slogan for its brand of condoms, Chanel could have gone with “Cover your stump before you pump” or even “Protect your rump before you hump” — but instead the catchline is merely: “Keep it classy.” Oh, the rich. So minimalist.
Also, a pack of twelve is $279.

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    hahah that is too funny, the problem with brand like chanel making condoms it doesn’t really work, you need to use a condoms and brands like this the only place where they can put a their brand is on the foil, and as we all know once you rip it out you can’t keep the foil as lubricants inside would leak out and just messy,
    Since I don’t think Chanel manufacture their own, they probably get one of the big manufacture to make it it and charge you 100x more, thats brand name for you

    LOVE IT!

    It’s a hoax…Chanel has never produced condoms..

    Imagine what the lube costs.

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