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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, his butt: 50 Cent in ‘Twelve’ !!

Now we know what Chelsea Handler may or may not have gotten a piece of when she may or may not have been dating 50 Cent. Check out the NSFW buttastic shots from last year’s druggie movie Twelve after the jump.

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    I’d rather see what he’s packing instead. He’s a homophobe, but one with a hot body!

    A homophobe that hangs around with Bette Midler.

    MMMMMMMMMMMM……….more….he is no less worse than all the OTHER ‘phobes you fall out over here..

    his b/f is so lucky.

    Please stop glorifying homophones on this site! This motherfucker tweeted that men who sleep with other men should kill themselves soon after the spate of gay teen suicides that received national attention. He doesn’t deserve our positive attention.

    ya right… i agree john. but our webmaster is more concerned with the traffic this post could bring to his blog than doing what a proud gay man should do. my comment stands a better chance of his deletion than the deletion of this post to his blog.

    what’s a homophone?

    His ass kinda looks like a womens

    :got a nice one

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