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According to The Postnational Monitor, this is the future of dating. It averaged faces from 46 different nationalities around the world to create an estimate of what the male half of humanity will look like once everyone’s gotten it on with everyone else.
(via Popnography)

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    He looks like a Filipino

    he’s hot. let me at em

    Very asian…very filipino! Nice!

    I thought I look special. It turns out I’m just a fucking average!!!!

    he looks like the guy sitting across from me in the coffee shop. I like the future.

    What’s funny is the guy looks not-too-dissimilar from the dude in the photo in the blog post directly below this one (albeit, the guy in the previous blog post is a shade or two paler).

    Looks Filipino, like me!

    Just proves evenutally everyone will be Asian

    Humanity could do a lot worse. Average-dude is pretty cute.

    mmm, i like the future


    he look like FILIPINO 🙂

    HOTNESS!! Find me a man like that and I’ll be happier than a hampster in a papertown roll!

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