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!! OMG, the jolly green gay: Nate Berkus covers Next Magazine !!

If gay designer-talk-show-host Nate Berkus was ever going to do a sexy (read: unbuttoned) photo shoot, the moment has passed. His new cover for Next Magazine — the NYC gay guide that often pictures shirtless hotties — shows Nate in yet another interpretation of his clean-cut lumberjack look, scruff and all. And while there’s nothing unsexy about this cover, I suppose I was hoping for a little more…nipple.

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    Hi,Nate I totally enjoy your show and love you put color and fabric together. Keep up the good work.

    Is it just me or does it look like marijuana leaves growing in the corner? Is that where the “Jolly” comes from?!

    Nate is gorgeous. It would not take me long to unzip and take out that large dick for a good eating.

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