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!! OMG, watch the new Wolfram video featuring Hercules and Love Affair !!

Who is Wolfram? He is the Austrian musician with male model good looks responsible for executive producing Sally Shapiro’s Disco Romance album. And judging from his new single “Fireworks”, he is also a fan of Captain Hollywood Project, La Bouche and other luminaries of ’90s Euro house. The track, which features Hercules and Love Affair’s Andy Butler and Kim Ann Foxman on vocals, is basically a love letter to that whole era of dance music, so it’s fitting that its video is a cheeky low budget YouTube fan video.




    i find the content of this site more and more boring.. it doesn’t scream OMG anymore..

    Indeed regularjoe, there’s been a lot more bitching than there used to be…

    Oh yes indeed, a lot of negativity and sarcasm as well..

    I have to agree with regularjoe, could we maybe have just one more picture of some dog or cat? Perhaps another music group no one has ever heard of? I know it’s not easy to find daily content to entertain the masses, but all one has to do is take a look at the ratio of comments the site used to garner compared to the lack of comments now, to see that I don’t think much entertaining is going on anymore.

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