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!! OMGaga, inside the Lady’s in-egg activities !!

When Lady Gaga arrived at the Grammy Awards in full-on incubating eggular fashion, many people wondered at her ability to breathe in utero. Was she wearing an oxygen mask? Was there a tiny fan pumping in air? And for that matter, was she hot?
Who’s to know, really, but Gaga’s interview with Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes last night revealed that she might have been hotboxing in there. Gaga told ACoop she’s stopped the coke use of her earlier years, but that she still fires up the ole pot pipe for songwriting sessions. Speculation: her head was therefore too deep into the bag of Doritos to notice she’d rewritten Express Yourself.

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    Can we stop with the Madonna comparisons and just be happy and support a mega artist who uses her platform to advocate for her gay fans? If you can tell me the last time a celebrity / musician honestly took this strong of a stance on the pro-gay spectrum, let the stoning commence.

    wow…gaga rocked

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