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!! OMG, best Bar Mitzvah video ever: ‘I’m Zack’ !!

The lyrics to this song are right about one thing: Zachary Freiman is destined for stardom (and fabulosity). (Thanks Michael!)

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    Oy Vey.

    Buh-bye, music. It was nice knowin’ ya. Rebecca Black and now this. Looks like the future of music is under-talented spoiled rich kids whose parents drop a couple thousand to cheesy “recording studios.” Thanks, YouTube. Sigh. Whitney Houston’s rolling over in her grave.

    he’s a cutie and has quite a talent. i’d love to see him when he turns 18. i wish he was around when i was bar mitzvahed, which would have been sooooo much more entertaining.

    I guess anyone can be a “star” with enough money and auto-tuning.

    All kinds of jealous. First, because I wish I had parents that had had enough money to help me make an awesome video when I was 13 and second, because I wish I was as fabulous as Zachary at that age. In fact, I wish I was that fabulous at 42 (now). Awesome. Still singing the song.

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