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!! OMG gossip: Is Usher’s sex tape as squeaky clean as his image? !!

OMG Usher sex tape? [popbytes]
Did Ryan Phillippe knock up his ex-girlfriend? [popeater]
Total trannie deception on Thailand’s Got Talent [towleroad]
Rihanna looks like Carrot Top [evil beet]
Target’s new anti-gay anthem courtesy of Lady Gaga [queerty]
Zac Efron got a new tattoo [socialite life]
As did Avril Lavigne… on her neck [pitnb]
OMG Madonna and Demi Moore hate each other? [dlisted]
The French version of Dancing with the Stars gets off to a shirtless start [oh la la]
Tennis player Juan Martin del Potro practices san shirt [kenneth]
Chinese girl with no fingers on one hand plays the piano beautifully [daily what]
OMG models falling on the runway! [uncoached]
Vintage Madonna in Out Magazine [the berry]
OMG scary Kelly Bensimon bikini pics! [drunken stepfather, nsfw]
Pete Wentz gets a haircut [starcasm]
OMG Charlie Sheen‘s new hit single “Biwinning” [celeb toob]

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