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!! OMG, he’s naked (again): Tom Hardy !!

It seems British actor Tom Hardy can’t stop stripping down for his roles—and I can’t stop being really, really happy about it. Fingers crossed that he goes au natural as Bane in the next Batman installment, The Dark Knight Rises. After the jump, see back and frontal shots of Hardy in the short film Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother.

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    Anyone want to place bets on how long until Shannon shows up to talk about what a pathetic dick Tom has?

    Dude, Shannon’s a cunt, so who cares?
    How many of you out there(besides me) wish that a naked Tom Hardy would hold you down like that

    Zack you’re a fucking idiot. I bet you’re just jealous cuz you’re hung like a prepubescent tic-tac. This guy’s dick is fine in fact hott.

    i just like the fact that he shows his dick. it does not have to be big (though i like ’em that way) in order to be admirable and delicious.

    he’s not my type, but i give him respect for bringing some male frontal nudity to the screen. a handsome (and brave) guy.

    wow nice dick and it looks like he has big balls too. very nice

    how fun! i have no clue who this shannon person is but i sure do know who tom hardy is NOW!! i could think of several moments in inception when he could have, uhm, inserted himself ala natural.

    Lmao we got here before Shannon’s big cunt of an asshole got here!!!!! THIS IS CLASSIC!!! You can stretch it but you know straight guys won’t like it!!!!

    @Zack: If it is attached to a man who knows how to use it for his own pleasure and his partner’s, no dick is pathetic. What is pathetic is a total size queen unconcerned with who the dick is attached.

    I don’t think that Zack is making that statement seriously. He’s suggesting that someone else repeated makes statements like that about men with less than 12 inches flacid.
    Hardy (and his very kissable lips) was naked in Bronson with clearer video but he looks much cuter this way.

    I don’t care how small his dick is. It’s Tom Hardy, and I’d suck on it all night, every night.

    It’s amazing to me how shallow gay men are? how so many of us harp on size. A Beautiful man is a beautiful men! and they come in all size!

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