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!! OMG, his peen: Chris Brown !!

And, damn, it’s a lot of peen. Chris Brown sent the photo (which you can see after the jump) to an ex-girlfriend and, whoopsies, it leaked online. Just in time for his new album out March 22? Curious.
(Thanks, Carlos!)

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    That is a good Nine incher… I’LL TAKE IT! Yummy

    What has the poor boy done to his body? 🙁
    Tattoos can be hot, when done right, but this is just sad.

    Thats my boo!!! I would so blow him off!!! To bad that there is no foreskin to suck on

    nice cock
    I didn’t know he had so many tats

    Where have you been? This has been circulating for a while now!

    That is an ugly dick. You can’t even pick your teeth with it, so it’s useless as well.

    what i wouldnt do for a ride on that pole

    Guys…..THIS a nice d—-!!! Not those tiny…stubby things that you always fall out over on this site!…..lol

    sorry but i just dont find him hot at all not to mention hes a wife beater

    Too bad he’s king of the douchebags. And, yes, it was obviously leaked by him to raise his profile, since his career hasn’t been the same since he publicly beat up a woman. Despite radio and the industry inexplicably rallying behind him and trying to force him back on us.
    This little bitch needs to go away forever.

    Oh…my…gawd….What a dick! Beautiful but too big for me.

    Well it confirms what i already knew, he was a huge dick

    still a douchebag…

    still a douchebag…

    WOW! I so want to swing on that! I’ve always thought he was hot, but now…

    I don’t care about the size of his peen, the dude is gross. Reminds me of Ike Turner.

    Well, I suppose it’s long enough but it isn’t exactly hefty, is it.
    In fact, it’s not much thicker than a broomstick with a knob on the end.
    One has to wonder if it has enough strength to avoid folding up on itself during use.

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