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!! OMG, how do you take your peen: Blunt, bottle or prow? !!

Apparently this is a page from an actual sex education manual used at a private boys school. Sure beats the hell out of my education. I didn’t learn half of these important facts until well into college.

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    Wow, I wish they had this in my school health texts. It would have saved me a lot of frustration when I was wondering why my dick didn’t really look like the health book’s diagram…

    Yum! A buffet!

    Its a page from “Human Sex Anatomy” by Robert Latou Dickinson published in 1933. It was not a sex education manual (i.e., it was not intended for the instruction of anyone but doctors).

    Is this a tricky new way of teaching geometry? I could get to like math!

    I love that one of the researcher’s names is Dickinson.

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