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!! OMG, Big Freedia does invasion of the booty snatchers in "Y'all Get Back Now" !!

If you've ever seen Big Freedia perform live, you know that the the Queen Diva of New Orleans bounce rap has this curious talent for awakening ass long thought to be dormant. In other words, ass of all shapes and sizes you never thought fit for the concert stage is suddendly twitching and shaking up, in and all around your face. The video for "Y'all Get Back Now" captures Freedia's free-for-all phenomenon quite nicely, but with a hilariously fun '50s B-movie twist.

If you need a primer on bounce rap, read our Q&A with Big Freedia from last summer.

OMG, azz everywhere: Big Freedia at the Garrison in Toronto
OMG, a short intro to New Orleans bounce music
OMG, so addictive: Big Freedia's Booty Battle video game
OMG, a Q&A with New Orleans bounce queen Big Freedia

» posted by Kevin on Thursday, March 24, 2011
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