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!! OMG, she wants to be a pop star: C.J. Fam !!

Ah ha! So this is what happens to the little girls (humanoid dolls) on Toddlers & Tiaras. They grow up to be ordinary pop stars! *blogger weeps uncontrollably for future of the world’s youth.

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    I keep thinking to myself that this is just one giant troll plot. But I dunno anymore.

    Hey, at least Mom didn’t make her follow a strict diet regimen!

    Pretty sure that “cool black music professional guy” nodding along is also the limo driver from that godawful Friday video that just went viral.
    Are these the new glamour shots? Parents pay insane amounts of money to have their kids make lame pop videos with terrible lyrics?

    Everything about that song sucked. Guess what dear you will be Ordinary for the rest of your life if you keep signing that crap

    OMG it’s just as bad as the others, but this one looks like she’s crowning the whole way through her video.

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