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!! OMGaga, the Lady makes her runway debut for Thierry Mugler !!

Clear your calendar for 3pm EST today, because Gaga is set to walk in the Thierry Mugler fashion show in Paris, which you can watch via live stream on the Thierry Mugler website. As with the Mugler menswear show last month, Gaga will once again act as the show’s music director, premiering the song Government Hooker from her forthcoming album to the beat of stomping models’ feet.
Of course, this all comes thanks to Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti also being the creative director at Thierry Mugler — a collaboration that probably explains why Formichetti’s muse and tattoo-faced model Rick Genest makes a cameo in the Born This Way video.

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    Gaga is gonna rules 2011 again. This is just A-MA-ZING! Back to old School Pop Song

    The show was simply a damn mess, but it distracted from Nicola’s collection. The clothes are so unworthy of the name Thierry Mugler. Gaga’s song wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t anything special. I’m sure you “little monsters” will fawn over it
    It’s making me laugh knowing that all these Gaga fans will think this is what a fashion show typically look like. Having said that, a few of the models were fun to watch, especially Ajak

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