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!! OMG, his bootay (& his bod): Sandor Earl !!

It seems to me that there are two types of gays in this world. Those that find hard-bodied, questionably attractive men sexy based on the sheer size and bulge of their muscles and…man bits, and those that don’t. If you are the first kind of gay, please enjoy the NSFW shots of Australian rugby player Sandor Earl after the jump. Those of you that aren’t, on to the next post!

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    Too bad about whole thing where he punches women in the face.

    Jim, you are out of your mind. He is UNQuestionably HOT. From head to toe and 360 degrees around. He’s darn close to perfection in my book.

    I wanna be his cum dump

    There’s nothing questionably attractive about this guy, he’s totally gorgeous. Lips, eyes, cheekbones, ass– Yowser! Almost enough to make me watch soccer.

    He has a great physique and a real jock’s face—not pretty. What buttocks! If he lets the body hair grow back in all over, he’d be near about perfect.

    Oh my!

    mmm you can clearly say he,s circumcised. yummy. the absolute total best

    OMFG he is cute as fuck!
    Where did you find these?

    i’m suddenly feeling the need to visit australia…
    hoy guy, love those rugby players

    In what alternate universe would that face be considered “questionably attractive”? Certainly not in mine.

    WOW – what a PERFECT ass .. mmmm

    How could any body find him questionably attractive? He’s hot!

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