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!! OMG, his peen: Steph Jones !!

Guess who’s naked? Steph Jones, otherwise known as Jordin Sparks’ boyfriend. See the NSFW pics after the jump.

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    My penis would be limp too if I had to look at Jordan Sparks’ stretch marks, sagging bags of skin, and her horse face…

    No wonder Jordin always looks so fucking happy!! I would be too!

    TATS ARE DIFFERENT DUMBASS… though they’re kinda look a like…

    he’s got a semi. fo sho.
    but he’s still fine as hell!

    Now THIS is “hawt” and a big peen guys! Not those nerds usually posted here..Take notice……GOOD LORD….

    Jesus. American Idol can get you THIS?!? Fuck. Me.

    i’d suck his dick and swallow the proof.

    He’s too fine for words. Wow.

    Hummmm…very georgous and attractive men!!!

    Jordin Sparks? What the hell does he want with her?

    It used to be Jordin with an I. Then Steph’s peen poked her I out.

    looks delicious 🙂


    it’s JordIn Sparks….with an I

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