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!! OMG, new Stevie Nicks album: ‘In Your Dreams’ !!

steve nicks IN YOUR DREAMS cover.jpeg
The legendary Stevie Nicks is releasing her first album of new material in more than ten years! The album is called “In Your Dreams” and comes out May 3, and the first single “Secret Love” has already dropped on iTunes.
After the jump, check out a special preview video of the album.

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    I finally got the new album and it’s really only that promo video that’s overproduced. This is an excellent album. One day I hope she’ll go back to the strong, clean, country/rock sound of Bella Donna but this is a lot closer to it than her 90s work. I’ll take this while I’m waiting. She’s got some great material here.

    As a longtime fan I was looking forward to this album. The promo video above dashes my hopes. It sounds like overproduced, excessive 90s techno. I was hoping for a more basic record. Maybe she’ll hook up with Jimmy Iovine again.

    If it bleats like a sheep……..it’s STEVIE NICKS!!!!!!

    She looks pretty good!

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