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!! OMG, pretzels or nuts? Richard Simmons at your service !!

Take Richard Simmons out of this commercial and Air New Zealand is still the gayest airline circling the skies — but why would you ever take Richard Simmons off your flight, I mean really?

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    I wish all flight safety videos were like this!!!
    Also, nice to see Phil Keoghan @ the 1:20 mark, the host of The Amazing Race in the video!! He is such a hottie even if he is dancing like a dork afterwards!!
    Loves it!!!

    Anyone else notice the plane type on the Seatback Safety Card in the video. Hint: Southwest Airlines …

    He actually looks really good considering his age. He looks even thinner, and healthier. And I’m embarrassed to admit, but his legs are nicer than mine! LOL

    everyone loves richard simmons, especially us gays. the other guys in the video are cute. MOST UNFORTUNATELY, the 737-300 is the model which developed a hole in the fuselage during the midst of flight, but i know richard would rescue me.

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