!! OMG, protect yourselves: Parenting via Facebook !!

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The idea of being Facebook friends with either of my parents is, well, entirely terrifying. And not just because I don’t actually like my parents — but, rather, because Facebook is no place to allow your parents to publicly shame you. Facebook is for chronicling your drunken nights out, for keeping tabs on your ex-boyfriends, for linking people to your latest YouTube obsession — not for baring the ugly truth about your dysfunctional family dynamic. See more examples of Facebook parenting gone wrong after the jump.
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4 Comments on "OMG, protect yourselves: Parenting via Facebook"

  1. Phillip: my advice to you is to grow the hell up.

  2. Hey Bmad,
    Would you be willing to share with an aspiring gay writer a few tricks of the trade–i.e. regarding agents and publishers? I’ve dreamed of being a writer since 7 or 8 and am currently in grad school trying to break into the industry. Congrats on harpercollins! That’s kind of a big deal.

  3. hey toph!
    thanks for asking after me! i really should have done a goodbye post but things got a little wild this winter and i got overwhelmed. i’m not sure that many readers knew this, but my other job is that i write books for teenagers. i left because i have a book that is long overdue to my publisher and i have to finish it!
    it will hopefully be out next year from harpercollins! i will make frank post about it so you will for sure know when it’s out!
    xo Bmad

  4. Totally unrelated to the post, but I, as well as many other long-time readers here, wanna know: what happened to BMAD?
    Hope you guys answer this, either here, or in its own post.

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