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!! OMG, the four gay coordinates: Hair, Fat, Age and Muscle !!

This chart of “Gay Cliques” might be one of those things that seems cooler than it actually is. Or it might be a legitimate interpretation of our self-categorizations. But if that’s so, then I don’t exactly see where I belong. Twink? No, I don’t look 12. Maybe I’m that nice teal color near Gym Bunny…which means I’ll need to start going to the gym.




    It actually says “otter” not other, as in a hairy guy who’s too skinny to be considered a bear.

    I guess I’m Twink, This is rather interesting though.

    This chart makes little sense because while “fat” and “muscle” could be taken as opposed traits and thus logically be placed on the same axis, there is no legitimate (or logical reason) “age” and “hair” are opposed traits on the same axis (as they are here). A typical bear would be +Age and +hair, but that would be impossible to represent here. It could be fixed by making the “Hair” axis perpendicular to the “age” x “Muscle plane (and having it stick out of the screen).

    This is foolish; a coordinate chart should have things that can be considered opposites on the axis of each plane. “Hairy” and “age” are not opposites like “muscle” and “fat”.

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