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!! OMG gossip: Kirstie Alley gets some !!


OMG who is the hot guy Kirstie Alley is making out with in the parking lot?? [popeater]

Pete Doherty is back in jail again for cocaine possession. He should really just find someone to carry the bag for him. [dlisted]

OMG "eau de Bieber"? Say it isn't so! [celebrity cafe]

Katy Perry's mom calls her a liar, says she had a "normal" upbringing [celebitchy]

Listen to Telepathe's new song "Throw Away This" and download it for free! [tng]

OMG Arnold Schwarzenegger's second mistress has come forward! [allie]

Tennessee and a number of large corporations are at war with the LGBT community. More info here on what you can do to help. [towleroad]

Video of the shirtless Abercrombie takeover of Paris has surfaced [oh la la]

Could Adam Lambert and his boyfriend look any more L.A.? [socialite life]

OMG Titanic will be released in 3-D next year! Now Kate Winslet's sweaty boob can be seared into memory in an even more tangible way. [popbytes]

Can you guess the top ten guys in the 2011 After Elton Hot 100? [after elton]

Terrible suits abounded at the Hangover II premiere last night in L.A. [evil beet]

Jackie O. had a real talent for break-up letters [kenneth]

OMG Gwyneth Paltrow raps on Graham Norton! [yeeeah]

Esquire magazine will be sued by top birther Joe Farah over satire article [joe my god]

OMG suddenly skinny celebs! [the berry]

Check out Japan's new super violent sport [double viking]

OMG they made that in prison? [2leep]

OMG all the Cosplay (Costume Play) you could ever want to see... [unreality mag]

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» posted by Frank on Friday, May 20, 2011
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