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!! OMG, he’s naked: Zachary Knighton !!

A much younger Zachary Knighton — an actor you might recognize from Happy Endings and FlashForward — stripped down (yes, all the way down) for a scene in the Philippe Grandrieux movie La Vie Nouvelle. See the NSFW shots after the jump.

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And a bigger version:

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    For all you size queens out there, there is no direct correlation between flaccid and erect size. Some guys who are 3″ flaccid can have a 8″ erect penis. Conversely, 5″ flaccid penis may just grow another inch.

    How old was he in this? he looks really young.. most people I know get bigger with time, not that there is anything wrong or unappealing with his size.

    I would not turn him away at all, but I don’t wonder that he might have had a bit of work done as I don’t think his younger version looks much like the current.

    Say all you want shannon, that just means it’s another cock nobody wants to put inside of you.
    Cute dick.

    omg, please NO — Not another underendowed ‘actor’ putting his diminutive dickie on display.

    but he was so not cute back then. I wish we could have so recent nudity/sex scene cause now he’s damn hot

    Thanks, hornyguy! We’ve added it to the post. xo

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