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!! OMG, how cryptic: Björk ‘Biophilia’ teaser videos !!

UPDATE: Evidently these videos were created by a fan and have no relation to Björk or her new album. We were duped! This has been confirmed by Björk’s production company M/M (Paris) on Facebook. But the videos are still pretty cool, so we’re going to leave them after the jump for you to enjoy.
Björk‘s new studio album “Biophilia,” her first since 2007’s “Volta,” is coming out this year and since these videos have nothing to do with the album, you’ll have to check bjork.com for all official updates.
Watch the complete series of videos after the jump (they’re all between 30 seconds and one minute long).









“Ohm Int”
(via Mr. Biophilia)




    M/M Paris, who have designed all the artwork for Bjork’s releases since Vespertine, and have re-designed her website, have confirmed that these teasers are fake.
    From the comments on their facebook page:
    M/M (Paris) thats a fan site you should ignore
    May 15 at 4:19pm · 4 people
    Markus Hetheier are those teaser fake or real? 😮
    May 15 at 4:52pm
    Kalil Benabderramane ‎@M/M : Cela signifie que même les mélodies que l’on entend sur les teasers sont fausses ? Ou juste l’artwork ?
    May 15 at 5:25pm
    M/M (Paris) all fakes
    May 15 at 6:08pm

    Dear Malaka,
    Thank you for the heads up! We’ve been duped!
    Posting an update now…
    xo Frank

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