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!! OMG, I miss the 80s: Dale Bozzio !!

Why can’t an artist like Missing Persons frontwoman Dale Bozzio come along and shake up the pop music scene a little? This video is like Taylor Dayne as American Gladiator hooker. You know she’s fun to hang out with. (Thanks David!)

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    Actually, she was arrested for hoarding cats, which is a little different than torturing animals in the traditional sense. I have to say her strong cheekbone features and hair look an awful alot like another recent singer who has been concuering the charts and has been compared to Madonna. coincidence?

    yeah i miss her…’destination unknown’,,,’words’…’mental hopscotch’…’i like boys’…oh yeah.
    people make mistakes. hang in there dale.


    I totally forgot this catchy song. Thanks!

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