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!! OMG, it’s a map: The state of gaydom !!

Obviously, you need to click this map to make it bigger (please be patient, the file is large). And when you do, you’ll see how depressing the state of gaydom is throughout the world. Five countries still use the death penalty against homosexuals and 72 countries use imprisonment as punishment. But the good news is 52 countries have some sort of protection law and 23 countries recognize same-sex unions. See how your country fares — and if you don’t like what you see, do something ’bout it!
(Image from ILGA via Queerty via Unicorn Booty)

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    Wis has an equal rating?? It also has a law on the books that is a some sex couple has a marriage certificate they can be fined up to $10000 dollars and go to jail. So much for land of the free…

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