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!! OMG, need: Notable haircuts in music poster !!

Click the image to enlarge — as in do it right now — because more than you need a vintage Farrah Fawcett poster hanging above your bed, you need this “Visual Compendium of Notable Haircuts in Popular Music” poster. My personal favorites are: Coolio, J. Jett, C. Lauper, G. Simmons and D. Ross.

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    @Alessio, maybe he meant D. Harry?
    T. Yorke

    Um… where is LEMMY??? I applaud the inclusion of some which are off the beaten path, but, c’mon, Lemmy is one of the last living , breathing artifacts of rock n roll who has remained largely unchanged by the industry (something that can’t be said for Jagger or Tyler or Page or Plant or Simmons).

    Am I blind, or is Dolly Parton not on there?

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