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!! OMG, they’re fixed: Comments !!

Dear !! omg blog !! readers,
You may have noticed over the past several months that our comments were less than ideal:
– We had annoying CAPTCHAs
– Comments would often time-out as you were leaving them
– The confirmation looked strange or did not appear at all
I’m happy to announce we have fixed all these issues to make commenting here at omgblog.com a more pleasant experience.
We look forward to hearing what you think!
xo Frank and the OMG Team

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    It’s the cute name for our comment script to avoid hackers.
    xo F


    hey Matt, don’t worry, the omg-elephant isn’t going anywhere. He’s just leaner and meaner. Thanks for noticing him. xo

    Will we still get the elephant page? (I guess I’ll find out in a minute.) I’ve grown quite attached to that page…. 🙂
    But congrats on the comment upgrade!

    Yekimi – Thanks for taking the time to reply! It was our goal to provide a less annoying comment experience.
    Jakeoff – We totally agree with you about Facebook, mainly because of the privacy concerns. We’re committed to offering anonymous commenting for as long as our servers can handle it.
    xo Frank

    This is a test. So far, I am not annoyed!

    Thank you. Glad to hear you worked to fix problems instead of moving to an obnoxious facebook-only comment system like some sites have done.

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