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!! OMG, un-friggin-real: Beyonce at the Billboard Music Awards !!

Beyonce‘s new song Run the World (Girls) may be a bit…of a letdown, but her performance at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards was un-friggin-real. The set, the video choreography, the singing, the cast of a kagillion backup dancers — really, this might be one of the best live award show performances of all time.

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    Meh, it was a lot of guttural shouting, hooting and hollering to me.
    And the dancing was just a bunch of hair flips and stanky leg. I feel like drag queens all over the world could do this completely wasted.

    she stole the whole show from an italian entertainer.
    search on youtube for “Beyonce Billboard Awards 2011 Performance VS Lorella Cuccarini 2010 performance”
    It’s on gagaloveromance’s channel!

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