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!! OMG, he’s really, really naked: Chris Crocker !!

Chris Crocker.jpg
What do you do when you become a viral YouTube sensation and then suddenly no one’s paying attention to you? You take off your clothes! That’s what Chris Crocker — of blond “Leave Britney alone!” fame — did, first with some racy photos on his blog and now in an upcoming Chi Chi Larue porn. See lil’ Chris in all his NSFW, Brit-blazing glory after the jump.

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    sjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj ajal a

    there’s actually A LOT of self-taken photos of Chris Crocker on GWIP (guys with iPhones)

    Wow, that is impressive, I could imagine having a 69 with him…

    wow. really, really sad. this kid had some real talent – with proper mgmt, he could’ve transitioned into something legitimate. next stop, lap dance tour and addiction. final stop – the morgue. what a waste.

    Talk about not being able to walk away from the lime light. He will be forgotten in a year, then what will he do to get attention. I had heard he buffed up for his porn debut – can’t imagine if this is buffed up what he looked like before.

    I have to say, ever since he grew the fuzz and shaved the head he is actually quite attractive now that he looks more like a man. However I just can not listen to his voice and still want to fuck him. I agree with the person who’s SN I can not say without laughing lol.. If you mute Chris Croker he is actually very fuckable but once he starts talking it’s a total boner breaker. Sorry to all the sissies out there but I’m just not attracted to that.
    Hopefully he’s a little manlier in this porn I’m just now hearing about, then I’ll actually watch it 😀

    I like a skinny guy with a smooth chest. I’d suck it 🙂

    I’d do him and Britney at the same time, but I’d gag both of them first.

    If he was a mute, i’d probably do him.

    wow he’s actually kind a hot with a hot cock

    If I didn’t now who that was, I’d have thought he was very hot. Skinny arms, but that’s a minor quibble. 🙂

    I though he had a sex change? Wasn’t he on Tosh.0 as a chick?


    MY EYES! MY EYES!!! 🙁

    is that him? its hard to believe that such a train wreck girly boy became such a hottie. i would do him with a gag cause his voice would just ruin it. 😛

    mmmm someone is circumcised and circumcised is best

    Is it just me or does this look absolutely nothing like Chris Crocker? Are you sure this is the same guy? Maybe different guy with the same name?

    Nasty He can’t recover from that stomach turning spectacle he made of himself. I’ve seen better looking FTM’s than him So he’s a man now? Before he was all woman like Britney Gimme a break

    He’s NOT British! He’s a BRITTANY SPEARS FAN, you morons.

    He’s not British, when they said “Brit-blazing” they meant Britney Spears.

    Wow. Chris Crocker got pretty hot. When the hell did that happen?!


    He’s not british.

    You’re just now posting this after I sent you an email and photo LAST WEEK? Lol get with it! This story came from me y’all.

    a brit and circumcised…not many of those…..guess he’s Jewish.

    Wow he’s actully really cute without that shit all over his face.
    Id fuck him.

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