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!! OMG, screech: Pop divas…at their worst !!

Rihanna. Madonna. Gaga. Mariah. Britney. Christina. They’re all recognized giants of the pop music world — but sometimes they ain’t so great live. Case in point: this compilation of their less-than-perfect concert moments. Listen for as long as you can stand it.

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    Where’s Whitney Houston???
    They could have posted her ENTIRE NBL tour!

    Yes, exactly what Luminum said. These are fakes and should not be treated as worthy. I thought these were obvious and boringly well known as such. I give you more credit OMG!!

    Wasn’t there a video of the same concept of Beyonce last year, that was summarily proven false and then admittedly false by its distributor?
    I don’t doubt that each of these singers is capable of being this bad, but I see no evidence that all of these are genuine.

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