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!! OMG, check out a new Hidden Cameras video and Pet Shop Boys remix !!

When we encountered Hidden Cameras main man Joel Gibb on the polite streets of Toronto a couple weeks back, he mentioned that he had just shot a new music video that prominently features several hot shirtless men, including himself. He added that it was filmed in a single take one sunny Saturday and co-stars a cast of Canadian gay-lebrities.

We LOVE us a good single-take music video so of course we had to check it out. "Send it on over you crazy biatch!" we said, wrist flapping in the breeze. And he did... along with this awesome Pet Shop Boys remix of another Hidden Cameras song, "Colour Of A Man".

The Hidden Cameras 2011 summer tour dates:

July 7 - Vienna, Austria @ Arena Open Air Festival
July 28 - Emmaboda, Sweden @ Emmaboda Festival
July 30 - Derbyshire, UK @ Indie Tracks Festival
August 14 - Aranda Del Duero, Spain @ Sonorama Festival

OMG, watch The Hidden Cameras' 'Doom' music video
OMG, listen to this: The Hidden Cameras' "Year Of The Spawn"
OMG, new Hidden Cameras song: Walk On!
OMG, new Hidden Cameras video and tour dates!

» posted by Kevin on Wednesday, July 6, 2011
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