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!! OMG, doubletake: Pink and fleshy !!

Know what you’re looking at? Yeah, no, get your mind out of the gutter. They’re pigs…and not that kind, neither.




    Talk about a pork sword.

    OMG, you framed me!! I totally saw a giant weiner! 🙂

    Okay, Frank, you got us! However, there is nothing to distiguish any other thought or picture than what is shown. Is there pics that indicate this “creature” has hooves and a snout? Usually there is a link to “the real story” without being held in limbo…..

    That never put my mind in the gutter, I thought it was a very STD’d up crotch at first… I still can’t figure out exactly how a pigs head would be in the middle or if it’s one large pig. So many questions…

    Nevermind I got it, it’s a small pig between two larger pigs. lol optical illusions. Would have been cooler if it was some type of STD that grew eyes and came to life.

    Man… :)) i cant say anything…

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