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!! OMG, happy birthday to Frank !!

Hello, this is Anderson Pooper guest blogging for Frank today as it is his birthday and he will not be doing any work. I would invite you to have some of this delicious cake that I made, but I think I’m going to eat it all myself. Yum yum!
If you want to buy Frank a present, feel free to peruse his Amazon wishlist.
Okay, I’m hungry so this post must come to an end. Happy Birthday, Frank!
xo AP

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    Yay, happy belated birthday, Frankie!

    Happy Birthweek, Frank!

    Happy Birthday und Many Happy Returns!!!

    Dammit! I thought for sure you’d have at least a dildo listed!

    Happy birthday! Thanks for your work on the blog!! I read it every day.

    Happy Birthday Frank!!!

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