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!! OMG, he’s naked (again): Chris Salvatore !!

Chris Salvatore1.jpg

The last time we showed you naked photos of Chris Salvatore, they were shots from the epic masterpiece Eating Out 3. Well now we’ve got something a touch more…amateur: self-taken mirror photos! See Chris in all his homemade glory after the jump.

UPDATE: We received a cease and desist request from Chris Salvatore and have removed the image. Since the photo is a selfie, he does own the copyright. Sorry, everybody!

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    kelly and others, this pic has to be real. the tatoo is real and under right eye as per the film just tht you are seeing the mirror image so it shows on the opposite side. as on mirror our left eye appears as right eye. 😉

    not sure if anyone noticed but the tattoo moved. even though it’s in a mirror, the tat is under his left eye in this pic. However, in the one from the movie as well as on screen it’s under his right eye.

    damn he is super hot, those gorgeous eyes, that hot body and that big cock, i would marry this guy in a second and have hot sweaty sex with him the rest of my life

    hey Don, glad to see you back! I’ve re-added you to our NSFW sidebar. xo Frank

    blogger deleted ahrrrrrblogspot could you please add my new blog to your blog roll thanks 🙂 , still love your blog Don

    His pubes look a bit more natural. I would not kick him out of bed.

    I didn’t know you could order perfect in a bathroom.

    Looks much bigger than his old pic from Eatig Out 3

    Skinny…..needs to seriously work out….but very cute

    who is this guy?

    I want it!!!!:D

    OOPS. That shoulda said “GOD” not “GOAD”. Sorry, God, I got all worked up by Chris’ beauty… 😉

    I see something that could quench my thirst in the Goad-awful heatwave we’re having here… ‘) WAY TO GO, Chris!

    Nice. 🙂

    Holy FUCK! Now there is NO reason to not be head over heels for Chris! :0
    Gah i love this dude!!

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