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!! OMG, she can read? Snooki to write a second book !!

Brace yourselves, readers. Apparently, Snooki was satisfied by “writing” one book, now she wants to do it again. The Jersey Shore nugget will pop out “Gorilla Beach” for Simon & Schuster next summer as a follow-up to “A Shore Thing,” which (omfg) ended up on the New York Times extended bestsellers list.
(via CNN)

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    i didn’t read Snooki’s first book, maybe it was a good trash novel. I doubt snooki did much actual writing

    I’m not sure how she can write a second book when she never wrote the first one. They fully admitted that someone else wrote the book based off a couple of ideas that Snookie had. Of course I was entirely surprised she could even have ideas in the first place.

    Who the hell reads/buys this garbage?

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