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!! OMG, they can’t get enough Brit: U.S. soldiers do ‘Beautiful (Drop Dead)’ !!

Clearly, someone went back to the U.S. soldiers and asked if they wouldn’t mind improving upon their “Hold It Against Me” video by doing “Beautiful (Drop Dead)” because it’s my favorite track on Brit’s new album. So, whoever you are, thank you.

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    OMG at the 1:26 mark! Coincidence that the zoom, song hook and (what looks like) a semi erect penis all magically came together so perfectly…hmmm I think not. Let’s just call it heterohomo friendly!

    Sooooo hot how he grabs his junk at 1:25. Made me horny!

    Okay, they’re cute, but it’s not as good as the HIAM video. Actually, they’re kinda creepy.

    god bless our troops.
    they are seriously brave and frickin’ sexy!

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