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!! OMG, an MTV reality star to bare all: Joey Kovar !!

Joey Kovar, the juiced-up cast member of The Real World Hollywood is baring all for the next issue of Playgirl, on newsstands Sept. 13. In the accompanying “article” Joey take a swipe at his fellow MTV Guidos: “I’m more muscular than them, I’m tanner than them. The Jersey Shore guys have nothing on me.” Unless The Situation shows off the, uh, situation downstairs in his own Playgirl spread, I guess that’s true.
(Thanks, Kevin, for the tip!)




    I won’t pay to see this guy naked. He looks gross and over steroided.

    Uh, that guy’s got bitch tits. He needs to lay off the ‘roids.

    I normally wouldn’t pay to see anything in Playgirl (especially after the big Levi Johnston scam), but I think this guy is hot. I’m want to see if he’s packin’ the meat to match that meaty body!
    He doesn’t look that steroided that I wouldn’t do him.

    Yuk yuk yukkity yuk.
    Everything about him makes me reconsider my sexuality…

    On the show he wouldn’t even remove his shirt, now he gets nude? EXCITEMENT!
    You can see his penis head lol.

    I think he looks really hot. I hope he shaves it all when he shows off his pubic area. Big juiced up shaved down muscle boiz are so sexy!

    The issue is already on the newsstands. I bought a copy last week. Not too impressed…and for the one of the posters above, Yes, he does shave it all!

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