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!! OMG, He’s Naked (Unless It’s Fake): Zac Efron !!

OH HELLO! It’s me Bmad, your former OMG host!
I don’t actually write for OMG Blog anymore, but what the hell. I’m figuring everyone else is still asleep and if this is real it’s important OMG news. So I will sneak back into my old captain’s chair to drop this payload of hot celebrity ween on my loyal old audience.
(It’s probably not real, but then again who actually cares?)
After the jump please find a picture currently circulating on Tumblr of High School Musical Star/Brent Corrigan lookalike Zac Efron relaxing in the nude, displaying his thing for his webcam. ARE YOU SLOBBERING YET?


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    All of you guys are so silly.
    Zac baby is already mine.
    Fucked him 200 times and more.
    Everyday we have a sexual contact.
    Both of our dicks are giant

    I just believe that if this is really fake they could at least have used a bigger cock.. Ops


    lets have sex

    Zack Efron plz come to Ottawa to have you know

    look at the house…hes zac efron looks alittle low rent thats probly not him

    Holy fuck fuck me send me a picture of u nude

    its small

    le chuparia toda la pijaaaaa

    i want to suck on his dick so bad, and kiss and fuck him.

    Zac hasn´t a small dick. 13 – 14 cm that´s greeat! I love it!

    omg u have asmall dick

    i want to eat zac efron cum & kiss his sexy ass

    Girl are horny ,Its been photoshop-ped..

    sex meeh or fuck me hard…?

    I like the pic of his dic iiiiiiiii am sooooooooooo horney

    It is real. So real! Zac (!) please more 🙂 I love his (small) cock 🙂


    Omg! I would lick it and fuck it all the time and then I would spank him I’m wanking over this and I just cummed cum and lick it Zac my cock was made for u babe I swear I’m actually having an orgy over this uuuuhhhhhhh yeh I want him in me!

    OMG!!! You just dont know i would fuck him so damn good he’s gonna forget his name. Have him smack my ass grab my neck having him cumming everywhere. Leave my # have him calling me before i get out that door.

    Take him for a ride any day

    Take him for a ride any day

    I would love to suck his cock I fucken love him and I’m a lad

    Omg! I would fuck him until he didnt have any more cum in that thing!

    omg id so fuck him i want his cum all over my face- even if it isnt his real dick it would look really like that

    Is the is so fake!! But if it was real I would lick it and suck it every day! Yummy!

    fuck… i dont care if it is fake! i would blow Zac whatever size he may be. Even though we all know that he is much bigger! mmmmmmmm he is devine! I love you ZAC!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

    how sexy ohhh yh ur gonna sleep with me some day

    i would climb him like a tree

    i love that COCK!!!!!!!!!


    totally fake zacs is much bigger

    can easily see that the head is out of proportions. sadly another fake 🙁

    lol i dont care if it is fake, i am soooo fingering myself to this later.

    hi, zac efron is so hot i could suck his dick all day i really love pubic hair on males especially when they have hair on their legs and butt. Not so much hair but atleast 70% of 100% ,

    Yup, head is way too big, and the angle is impossible for anyone to do without showing much more of a double chin. Fake for sure.

    God, I miss you BMad!!

    do you think he’s cut or uncut in this…? it seems like he might be uncut, with the foreskin rolled up behind the head.

    Why is everyone saying this dick is small? Look at his legs; his left one is cocked up so his thigh is partially in the way, AND his hand is in the way. That’s pretty decent size, regardless of who’s dick it is.

    We miss u Bmad..thanks for the bit O ween.

    I’m betting on fake, but a boy can dream can’t I.
    Good to hear from you Bmad, even if it is only passing through!

    His hair in the mirror and his hair in the foreground don’t match.

    Sorry folks, the head is way too big for the body. Hey Bmad.

    Unless he has the biggest head in the world, it’s fake.

    This is a great fake. I wonder if they will do patrick J adams from suits?

    Not much to talk about in that photo.


    If this is real I wanna cry. I was totally hoping he was hung. But this looks too buff for him. Plus aren’t his nipples always cold? lmfao

    fake. no shadow in the right side

    Doesn’t matter if it’s fake or not – it’s not Zac … I got this photo months ago from a guy online and it’s him (and he’s not Zac) …

    Bmad! Good to hear from you.
    Now, our Zac would never, ever, be photographed without his dance belt on. Especially nekkid… with a boner.
    But I live in hope.

    Yeah the close face Looks real but the mirror you can see the crop

    1.) Totally Hot.
    2.) Totally fake.
    3.) I love and miss Bmad!

    I like to believe that Zac has a big thick uncut cock, so no- I will not believe this is real… lol

    Well, if a fake can be this good, then those Blake Lively ones might not actually be her after all, lol.

    This Looks Pretty Convincing Tbh Lol So Please Let It Be True Aha x

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