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!! OMG, his butt: Dillon Casey !!


If you watch Torchwood, then you know that John Barrowman has been busy in recent episodes gettin’ his naked manlove on, most notably with Dillon Casey. After the jump, see NSFW stills from the show of Mr. Casey’s delicious nakedness.

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    Where exactly is his butt in those shots? I see side-thigh only. He might as well have been wearing a speedo.

    Those aren’t the best screen caps that could have been pulled. The actual scene has lots of Mr. Casey’s hard butt, including a shot where he’s rolling over Capt. Jack with full crack before taking a ride on the spaceman.

    ah, what episode is this from?

    The most recent episode shown here in Aus, I think it is ep7, has Jack in some even steamier scenes with a sexy Italian.

    I dunno ’bout the critical comments but I DO like what I see… 😉

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