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!! OMG, Walt would be proud: Disney princesses take to the stage !!

At this year’s D23 Expo, the voices of Disney’s princesses took to the stage to belt out the songs we all know and love. Best among them was Lea Salonga (duh) who sang “Reflection” as Mulan (she also played Jasmine, oh snap). Paige O’Hara as Belle, however, was rather tragic to behold. Time has not been kind to this songbird, pretty or not. See more of the performances after the jump.
(via Jezebel)

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    I’m complete mesmerized by Jodi Benson. Wow.

    I’m wondering why Amy Adams wasn’t included here, since Giselle was also a Disney Princess, plus Amy can also sing.

    I think you were way harsh on Paige O’Hara! As a society we’ve really got to get over our fear of aging; it’s gonna happen to every last one of us (the alternative is to die young). Paige looks good — consider that “Beauty and the Beast” premiered 20 years ago — and she sounds terrific.

    FYI people, Giselle IS NOT a princess because she never married a prince! End rant…LoL!!! I LOVED JODI!!!

    Lea Salonga looks so young for her age and her voice did not change! Still the Queen of Disney!

    Wow- completely rude to Paige O’Hara. Her voice is fine- she just happens to be in her fifties, compared to the others who are in their 30s and 40s. People get older. It happens. It’s not like she has a hunch or a beard.

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