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!! OMG, wtf?! An east coast earthquake !!

Yup, I felt it in New York. At first I thought my head was just getting dizzy (that post-lunch naptime, you know?), but then Twitter and Facebook blew up with reports of a 5.8 earthquake in Virginia that was felt here, and in DC, Baltimore and North Carolina. More to come on this as news unfolds, no doubt.

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    I know ! It’s bizzare. We never had torandos in Poland and since 3 years… here you got… voilĂ ! I assume it has something to do with changing of the climate. Proponents of this theory were right, i guess. We destroying the earth and time will come when earth get rid of us.

    Actually, it’s been upgraded to a 5.9 and I even felt it in Northeast Ohio

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