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!! OMG, a snapshot of fashion: Anna Wintour and Nicki Minaj !!

You know what’s fascinating about this picture from New York Fashion Week? It’s not that Anna Wintour is there looking like Anna Wintour and it’s not that Nicki Minaj is there looking like Nicki Minaj, or even that the two are seated next to each other, but instead it’s those tiiiiiiiiny black lips on the grim-faced woman behind them. Oh, fashion.
(via After Elton)




    Nicki Minaj tries too hard, and whatever she is wearing looks like it was made by her grandmother and once was thrown over the back of her couch.

    That’s Lynn Yeager! She’s an awesome fashion writer who’s been around for decades and it’s too sad that people don’t recognize her. I guess that’s what she gets for writing for the Village Voice.


    Well, now she writes for VOGUE so she should be getting some more attention!

    Wow what fashion statements. One of them wearing something that looks like it’s off the rack at Wal-Mart while the other looks as if she got her outfit in the jelly bean aisle. Yea I know this is “fashion” but at least in one case to normal folks it looks pretty silly.

    Why is Anna wearing sunglasses in an obviously dark room? I know, I know……..she’s SO important. Yuck.

    Who wore it best?!?

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