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!! OMG, lunch: Hot dogs !!

Who’s hungry? Anyone? Anyone?




    Forever ago called, they want their picture back.

    In bread bitch.

    this is so old cant you find anything new

    “_____ called, they want their ______ back.”
    If you’re going to make fun of someone for using an old photo, you might want to reconsider your use of an unbelievably old insult.

    Mmmmm….Korean take away.

    The Sun newspaper in the UK did this ages ago when Korea got the Olympics (or something like it) and used a sausage dog in a giant roll with mustard and ketchup down it’s back. Tasteless- yes, but accurate!

    U guys r stupid…this is a recent picture taken by a friend of a friend…u guys are so pathetic! XD

    An appropriate fate for an animal that appears more rodent than canine.

    Wow, look nice

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