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!! OMG, smells like disappointment: Madonna’s least favorite flower !!

Whatever you do, DO NOT give Madonna hydrangeas. She absolutely loathes hydrangeas.
(via Jezebel)

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    Eko…you’re a cunt. 😉

    Kind of ironic, a bunch of bitchy cunts calling Madonna a cunt. Oh no wait that’s not ironic, that’s just sad.

    mike128…you’re a cunt!!! 😉

    If you don’t like Madonna, that’s fine. But why is the go-to insult misogynistic comments?

    God I LOVE it when she’s a bitch…

    I’m sure they still smell better than her dried-out old pussy. She’s such a cunt.

    My first though was: this woman looks NOTHING like Madonna. And then I realized, it IS Madonna. Wow.

    She’s such a [email protected]!

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