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!! OMG, guess who: A child star turns 21 !!


Familiar face? Follow the jump if you can’t figure out which child star this is celebrating his 21st birthday party in Las Vegas on Saturday. (Here’s a hint: His first name is on the friggin’ cake.)

Done guessing? It’s Jonathan Lipnicki 15 years after sharing the screen with Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger in Jerry Macguire. Happy birthday…big guy.
(via HuffPost)

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    wow, he sure grew up HOT!!

    OMG he is so incredibly handsome, so healthy All American boy – lover boy, HOT HOT HOT

    He still has stupid hair, but I’d fuck him. He looks like my ex boyfriend who was very fuckable too

    How are you suppose to eat that cake, with a can opener?

    Is his name is misspelled on the cake?!

    He grew up fuckable.

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